Who Are We?

Andreia, Luís e Nacho

After 5 years living in Germany, in November 2017 we left our jobs, sold all our possessions and came back to Portugal to start this big Project, Travel Inspire. We changed our lifestyle to do what we love the most while following our dreams: working full time on our project and keep travelling, together with Nacho, our furry companion.




The Idea


We want to share with you many places on an unique and special way while showing you how it is to travel on a Van. Our content is on several social networks, such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. This way, we want to inspire people to travel, to not give up on their dreams or to live an alternative lifestyle, like we did.

The Conversion


We bought a Fiat Ducato Maxi van and we converted it into a Tiny Home on Wheels. It was a long process that took us 7 months, working full time. We filmed the whole conversion and we also wrote an Ebook/Book with all the information to help those who want to do a conversion. Finally we have our 4 wheel Home to travel anywhere, on a simple and self suficient way.

The Roadtrip


The trip began in Portugal. We travelled for 9 months through our country and then left to Spain. Our goal is to travel though Europe. Most important of all, we enjoy Life and to live the most of every experience. We learnt how to travel on a simple, minimalist and adventurous way with our Van.




This initiative was created with the intention to help Portugal recover from the Covid-19 crisis. "Por Portugal" means that we're going to keep travelling exclusively through Portugal and that we're doing this for Portugal and for the Portuguese.

With the Covid-19 crisis, the Tourism sector is one of the most affected, as well as the Hospitality and Catering sectors. Our intention with Por Portugal project is to promote Tourism in Portugal. Urge the Portuguese to do their vacations in Portugal, while eating on local restaurants and helping local businesses. Exploring Portuguese cities and villages and buying Portuguese products. Helping small and big companies that with the whole crisis situation are having difficulties. Portugal more than ever, needs the Portuguese and the Tourism

If you have a brand or a business that is 100% Portuguese and that you want to promote, contact us through info@travelinspire.pt and we'll send to you all the information about this initiative!



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